Charlie Hall works hard to make Buddeez a household word

Charlie Hall, President, Buddeez Inc.

Charlie Hall had been laid off from his job as an aeronautical engineer at Boeing when he decided to become an entrepreneur. Using an idea his father had come up with decades ago, he spent every last dime to perfect and market a bread dispenser. It was moderately successful in the regional market, but Hall wanted to get a big break on the national scene. He wanted Walmart to start selling his product.

He took his Bread Buddy, which dispensed bread from the original wrapper, to the company’s Bentonville, Ark., offices. He waited all day but never got a face-to-face buyer meeting. Dejected but not defeated, he left a large stack of Bread Buddys in the lobby and went home.

A few days later, Walmart called and told Hall, president of Buddeez Inc., he had a good thing and started carrying it. The company’s product line has since grown to create an innovative household storage niche. Consumers can dispense everything from coffee to pet food to charcoal from Buddeez products.

Hall believes in surrounding himself with talented individuals that he allows the freedom to pursue the company’s goals: to succeed, quality and innovation must always take precedence over expedience and to not be a “me too” business.

Among those who benefit from Hall’s charitable donations are the Petco Foundation, PetSmart Charities and Lowe’s Charitable and Education Foundation. However, perhaps his truest commitment is to the families that work at and support the company’s manufacturing site in Union, Mo. He believes in American workers and operates his business in such a way to preserve as many local jobs as possible.

Buddeez’s culture is one of collaboration and gets its fuel from a can-do entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Because competition is fierce, Hall wants his people to be smarter, be more creative and work harder than the other guy — it’s the Buddeez way.

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