Green design Web sites

A quick look at some of the Internet’s green design sites:

The Green Building Resource Guide is a database of more than 600 green building materials and products selected specifically for their usefulness to the design and building professions, rather than simply for their green material content.

A feature unique to this guide is the Price Index Number. You can order the Green Building Resource Guide in two forms: a reference manual or a CD-ROM database. The CD-ROM interface is easy to use and reflects the way an architect typically works.

The Green Building Resource Guide is designed around four user interfaces familiar to architects: site plan, elevation, floor plan and section.

Founded in 1994, GEO (Global Environmental Options) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization that seeks to restore a balance between the built and natural environment.

Given that buildings are responsible for the consumption of up to 40 percent of the planet’s resources and create more than 30 percent of global warming gases, GEO was created to bring attention to the impact that buildings and planning have on the environment and biodiversity.

To reduce these impacts, GEO develops integrated high performance green building strategies for professionals and other decision makers worldwide, coordinating hands-on building and planning projects that showcase green design.

This site provides an introduction to green architecture and building design committed to applying the materials, methods and principles of sustainability to buildings.

The U.S. Green Building Council is the building industry’s only balanced, nonprofit, consensus coalition promoting the understanding, development, and accelerated implementation of “green building” policies, programs, technologies, standards and design practices.

Daniel G. Jacobs