Green growth

There is a common saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Eric Lofquist

 But Magnus International Group co-founders and co-owners Eric Lofquist and Scott Forster have found ways to turn a lot of men’s trash into treasure that benefits the whole planet.

Lofquist, president and CEO, and Forster, vice president and COO, have designed innovative systems to salvage waste materials and transform them into sustainable global products. Their company comprises four primary entities that develop and manufacture organic components for eco-friendly products: Hardy Animal Nutrition, which processes naturally derived vegetable products to be used in the manufacturing of custom-formulated feed for production animals; Hardy Industrial Technologies, which converts vegetable oils into all-natural industrial and consumer product wax, renewable fuels and dust control agents; Recycling & Treatment Technologies, which effectively and safely process oil and water emulsions in two locations; and Renewable Energy Management, which also converts vegetable oils into all-natural industrial and consumer product wax, animal feeds and renewable and biodiesel fuels.

Lofquist’s and Forster’s commitment to innovation in the renewable and environment industry goes beyond the all-natural products that Magnus produces, however. Sustainability is an important part of how their products are manufactured. Magnus companies’ proprietary technologies utilize landfill gas as a substitute for natural gas. Additionally, Hardy Industrial Technologies and Recycling & Treatment Technologies of Ohio also run on local lake water. Magnus has a number of other pollution prevention, energy-saving and cost-reducing initiatives in place that are setting new standards for sustainability.

Magnus acts on its commitment to corporate and environmental responsibility, conducting research and development as well as partnering with companies to provide sustainable products for the global market. Magnus’ all-natural animal feeds, renewable liquid fuels and industrial and consumer waxes serve as green substitutes to synthetic options available to suppliers and consumers.

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