Greg Gragg, chairman and CEO, Gragg Advertising


At Gragg Advertising, staff members will often refer to the “Energizer Bunny.” They aren’t talking about the pink bunny that is still beating those drums, but rather the nickname they have given Greg Gragg, chairman and CEO of the full-service direct response marketing firm.

Gragg’s “Energizer Bunny” moniker originates from the energy he puts into every business venture in which he is involved. A 20-year veteran of the advertising, interactive and marketing industries, Gragg worked for both large and small agencies prior to his founding of Gragg Advertising in 1992. The company is not a traditional advertising one; rather, it is more of a marketing technology company. Powered by machines that automate to gather and analyze data, the company is manned by skillful people with innovative minds that transform the data into information that helps re-engineer processes, increase revenue, gain efficiency in operations and maintain compliance with regulations.

Aided by Gragg’s unique and insightful forward thinking, the business has produced innovative services, which continue to enhance quality lead management for clients across the country. He continues to grow his agency and his client base to accommodate for emerging technology and remain competitive in the advertising and marketing industries. The company is always looking for ways to expand business and diversify the agency.

From developing new products or branching out into new business, Gragg is not afraid of developing new technology in order to create a successful business. Recently, Gragg made it his priority to expand to more industries outside of the career college realm that Gragg Advertising mostly serves. With an expanding new business department, he hopes that the hiring and recent growth the agency has seen can transfer to different types of business.

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