Growing up again


Growth, plateau. Growth, plateau. Growth, plateau.

Yes, Robert G. Riley Jr. has remained true to a relatively simple entrepreneurial pattern during the almost quarter of a century he has owned and operated Feed Energy Company. Every time the company reaches the end of another growth cycle, he invests in strategic initiatives during the ensuing plateau period to spark new life and invigorate the business. When the plateau reaches its end, the company is prepared for more growth. And on and on.

The pattern has worked, without a doubt, as Riley has managed to build Feed Energy exponentially since he purchased it in 1986. Today, the business still offers the most sophisticated products to the evolving livestock industry with an emphasis on quality and safety. Feed Energy is primarily engaged in processing soybean oil byproducts and produces scientifically balanced ingredients specific to the needs of turkey, swine, poultry and cattle growers and producers. It also markets other products for applications related to agronomy, dust control, fuel, industrial and fertilizer sectors.

But Feed Energy has also grown during the last three decades because of that commitment to growth, plateau and growth again. That has launched explosive growth for Riley’s other businesses, including Riverhead Resources, which provides outside entrepreneurial and nonprofit clients with tools and services from industry experts with the intent of helping them move past the plateau and on to another period of growth. Need some guidance or assistance in information management, technical services, marketing, human resources, data analysis, or even something as broad as finance or overall strategy? That is what Riley has built and what he offers.

Riley has long subscribed to the notion that profit is a byproduct of quality. He has long been proof that continued growth can be a byproduct of a plateau..

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