Guo-Liang Yu, president and CEO, Epitomics Inc.

Guo-Liang Yu, president and CEO, Epitomics Inc.


Guo-Liang Yu has come a long way from the young, shy boy who disliked talking to strangers. His ability to overcome this shy disposition isn’t the only obstacle he’s had to overcome to follow his passion for scientific discovery.  His drive to find answers to some of the world’s most pressing scientific questions, such as “Why can’t we live for 125 years?” and “How can we feed the world with limited resources?” prompted him to found Epitomics Inc., which specializes in research and technology for developing reagents and diagnostic antibody products.

Launching the business was not without its challenges, specifically regarding money to get the business off the ground. To fund initial growth, Yu mortgaged his house and raised capital from many family members and friends.

But after overcoming numerous financial challenges that endangered the company — at one point, he cut his salary by 50 percent — he was able to develop ground-breaking RaBMab technology for scientific and drug discovery use that has made Epitomics Inc. a leader in the antibody market.

Additionally, Yu’s enthusiasm for science and his ability to engage others in his vision has gained him a large following of loyal supporters and employees to support him in this important research. To date, he’s co-invented 160 patents and authored 40 peer reviewed scientific articles.

As president and CEO of Epitomics, Yu’s leadership style can be characterized through his ease of engaging and collaborating with his team. He encourages and models the importance of innovation not only in the research and development area but also in all aspects of the business’s growth. For example, the company recognizes employees with annual awards for their innovative ideas.

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