H.C. Starck utilizes Six Sigma training to foster growth

Dmitry Shashkov, CEO, Fabricated Products Business Unit at H.C. Starck

Munich, Germany-based H.C. Starck Inc., led by executive CEO Andreas Meier, continues its development as a global company, producing manufactured goods that benefit the entire world economy, many of which are made at the company’s Euclid, Ohio, facility, which houses the fabricated products business unit, led by CEO Dmitry Shashkov.

H.C. Starck’s leaders are well aware that companies cannot get complacent in today’s business environment. Continual change and improvement, rapid adaptation and sustainability are essential factors in determining whether a business can survive.

With that in mind, H.C. Starck spent much of the previous year expanding its lean manufacturing principles throughout the entire corporation, training a number of key employees as Six Sigma green belts — which allows those employees to directly assist Six Sigma black belts on projects.

The goal for the corporation during 2012 was to add two new green belts at each site around the world. In addition to new green belt certifications, selected supervisors and engineers achieved black belt certification.

The increased focus on Six Sigma and lean manufacturing principles helped the company improve its production efficiency, product quality and improve its on-time delivery percentages. As a result, H.C. Starck has become a tier one supplier to many international corporations.

The company continues to conduct Six Sigma projects on a regular basis, aimed at continuing to improve all aspects of the business. Once the improvements have been determined, the company’s leadership communicates them to everyone through a variety of means, including Six Sigma project displays, which outlines the process and expected results of a given project.

How to reach: H.C. Starck Inc., (216) 692-3990 or www.hcstarck.com