Hannes Hunschofsky, president, HOERBIGER Corp. of America Inc.

Hannes Hunschofsky, president, HOERBIGER Corp. of America Inc.


The HOERBIGER Group is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, automation technology and drive technology. Hannes Hunschofsky first came to Florida in 1999 to develop the U.S. subsidiary, HOERBIGER Corp. of America Inc. Through his tenure as president, he has led by example, demonstrating his high standards and dedication to executing innovative manufacturing improvements.

Today, HOERBIGER Corp. of America is a clear reflection of Hunschofsky’s vision and his ability to execute innovative ideas to improve decades-old technologies. While some companies aim to be different by being the biggest, HOERBIGER’s competitive advantage is a proven track record of high-quality products and high-touch, personalized customer service.

The company strives to deliver continued growth of the business by remaining aligned with its customers as the years go on. This has enhanced the company’s position with its customers and vendors as the company implemented an “Insync system” allowing the business to talk directly to customers’ ERP systems in real time. In addition, the implementation of this system allowed the company’s customers to sell more and gain market share, which caused customers to buy more product and increased revenues.

Hunschofsky has learned valuable lessons, including working on the company’s strategy to remain flexible and adaptable to changes in demand and improving upon forecasting. The company has adapted to becoming more flexible through more sophisticated systems, products and hiring temporary employees when needed.

Under his direction, the company’s business model focuses on meeting all the financial needs of a select and growing group of customers. An entrepreneurial and collaborative culture empowers the company’s professionals to use proven strategies and innovative ways to find solutions that work. He further supports that innovation by taking responsibility for any failures, while successes belong to others.

HOW TO REACH: HOERBIGER Corp. of America Inc., www.hoerbiger.com