Happiness by design

Sashi Reddy, founder, Case-Mate

In addition to designing cell phone cases and accessories for mobile devices, Case-Mate is in the business of “designing” happiness. The company’s customer service philosophy is to make sure everything it does is designed to bring happiness to customers, partners, consumers and its communities.

Shashi Reddy, the founder and CEO of Case-Mate, leads the service philosophy at the company from the top down. In fact, Reddy often gives away his own, personal cell phone case to people that he meets in passing. Understanding that cell phones are actually personal extensions of their owners, he works to further a culture where that personal experience extends from the employees and the company itself. That is why the company’s customer service team is called the Customer Experience Group, their motto being: “making happiness happen.”

The Customer Experience Group is a close-knit community, and that family culture begins with training. While there is no manual that can teach the Case-Mate philosophy, there is two-week, one-on-one training session for every new employee. The training is broken up into four areas, beginning with product training, then systems training, policies and procedures, and shadowing. Throughout the training process, every new hire is given a training mentor to work with during all phases of training, which helps employees fully understand and embrace the tenets that form Case-Mate’s service culture.

The goal of the customer experience team is to make sure anyone who visits a Case-Mate location leaves with their expectations exceeded. Every employee focuses on making sure customers, many of which return time and again, are always met with quality products and quality service. Whether it’s offering special extras to repeat customers as a thank you or just because or adding a few complimentary items in with an order for service men or women overseas, team members treat every customer with the personalization of a VIP.

How to reach: Case-Mate, (770) 888-9965 or www.case-mate.com