Health matters

Marketers looking to appeal to women ages 18-34 might want to find ways to focus on health, health and health, according to a study sponsored by Glamour magazine and conducted by Young & Rubicam.

The poll was conducted in Pennsylvania immediately prior to the April primary election. The sample was made up of a representative group of 50 women.

Among other things, the “Do Vote” poll found that:

  • 76 percent indicated they have grown more concerned about their health;

  • 68 percent indicated they are buying more healthful food and frequently read nutrition labels when shopping;

  • 66 percent have incorporated a healthy lifestyle into their everyday living;

  • 64 percent have become more concerned about their weight;

  • 64 percent try to dedicate some time every day to physical fitness;

  • 62 percent indicated that taking vitamins and other supplements has become more important to them.

The poll also reveals that women say they are experiencing more stress in their lives, that they are spending more time developing their careers (52 percent), that managing their time has become more difficult (50 percent) and that technology has made their lives more stressful (24 percent).

For more information or a complete copy of the report, contact Martin Blair at (212) 286-5521.

Ray Marano