Health ways

Effective medical management is good business. Here are two easy steps you can take to get there.

Reduce employers costs

Managed care seeks to improve the benefit of health care to patients, as well as its cost effectiveness as perceived by those financially responsible for the care. By improving the administrative efficiencies for both providers and payers of health care, a good managed care organization can help address everyone’s interest in extending the reach of health care benefits.

Employers can use managed care services to provide an innovative continuum of patient management services. Their job is to reduce employer costs through early intervention, medical treatment plans, recovery and early return to work programs for the injured employee.

Use proactive care to improve the bottom line

Quality and cost-effective health care does not just happen. Good medical management is as important as good business management.

Case management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, manages and evaluates services to meet the injured workers’ needs. In today’s health care environment, an effective case manager has to embrace medical and business aspects of a claim to manage it appropriately and to save the employer money. Source: Mary Frye RN, BSN, MBA, CCM, TCM manager at CorVel Corp.,