Healthy outcomes

Judy Hicks is the founder and president of Focused Health Solutions.

She directs the company’s business strategy and growth plans, applying her in-depth experience in new business development, alternate site health care, and proven and innovative health care models.

Prior to Focused Health Solutions, she was the founder of CM HealthCare Resources, a company that developed individualized health care plans that allowed chronically ill children to receive treatments at home as opposed to enduring lengthy hospital stays.

In late 2000, she received a call from Commonwealth Edison inquiring about health services provided by CM. The company had been experiencing double-digit inflation costs for its self-insured plan and wanted to limit expenditure.

Hicks saw an opportunity and created Focused Health Solutions to address this need.

In her role at Focused Health, Hicks uses tele-monitoring devices to help her patients and has expanded the patient care list to include adults as well as children. To monitor patients, Hicks has hired 130 employees since 2000. The majority are nurses who are available 24/7 for each patient.

Focused Health strives to use advanced technology to assist and monitor its patients. It has been working with various technology companies to help make home medical equipment smaller and more user-friendly, which facilitates a more normal living pattern.

One of the company’s most recent products is designed for specific health care needs and includes a home monitoring machine and various pamphlets and a video to help educate the patient on his or her illness and its proper treatment methods.

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