Heart-felt service

Frederick Cerrone, Founder, President and CEO, Hotel Equities

Most guests wouldn’t come away from a hotel experience where their car had been broken into, resulting in a shattered front passenger window and stolen GPS, with a positive attitude. Even fewer would write a letter of thanks and praise to the establishment.

But Debra, a guest at the Hotel Equities-managed Fairfield Inn by Marriott, did just that.

She wrote about how the “outstanding” general manager not only granted her stay for free after learning of the incident, but also arranged for maintenance to vacuum the glass from the car before personally trying to tape plastic over the broken window.

“He put himself in my shoes immediately and realized the stress and frustration I had gone through,” Debra wrote in her letter. “He was professional, thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, caring. He did whatever he could to help send me on my way with confidence restored in the hotel.”
Hotel Equities founder, CEO and President Frederick Cerrone expects employees of all 50 hotels to provide excellent world-class customer service that exceeds expectations. By hiring service-minded associates who are then extensively trained in the vision “Excellence in Hospitality,” Hotel Equities aims to give guests a positive, personal experience.

Employees take pride in learning and remembering guest names for personal greetings, as well as remembering guest preferences such as pillow firmness and room location. They cater to special requests, such as cakes for birthdays, and will even call a doctor or deliver soup if a guest becomes ill. The Hotel Equities Associate Representative Team responds to spiritual needs or hardships among the hotels, performing random acts of kindness for fellow associates and guests alike.

Through individualized care from a service-oriented staff, Hotel Equities excels in quality, memorable customer service. The company believes that true world-class customer service comes from the heart.

How to reach: Hotel Equities, (678) 578-4444 or www.hotelequities.com