Help us celebrate those leading Pittsburgh

I’m always learning new things out about Pittsburgh. This month was no exception.

I discovered there is a global company right in our backyard that works on all the major sporting events like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and the Olympics. In fact, NEP Group Inc. is the technical partner for almost 60 percent of the premium live broadcasts that are shown in the United States each year.

I got the details on 5 Generation Bakers’ expansion and found out that Giant Eagle has just as much sustainability as Whole Foods, even if its customers don’t always realize it.

With this month’s Uniquely Pittsburgh, I also got to learn more about the birthplace of the banana split, which is not Wilmington, Delaware — no matter what they say!

My point is that Pittsburgh has a lot of great, dynamic organizations that are truly making a difference in people’s lives.

If I’m always surprised by what I find out about the city, then that certainly means there are plenty of executives who we need to uncover and recognize in our upcoming Smart 50 awards.

This will be the third year for our event, so I’m asking you to help us find new nominees. We want to recognize the leaders in the region who are being innovative, making an impact and creating organizations built to last.

Just as I’m always finding great new companies to feature in the magazine, I’m sure you know plenty of unsung heroes who aren’t normally featured in the media.

There are a lot of people making a difference in Pittsburgh, now that it has come so far from the smoky, industrial city where streetlights had to be on during the day.

I know there are organizations that should be recognized as a Smart 50 winner. Please help us do that by visiting The nomination deadline is Aug. 26.