Himanshu Bhatia overcomes obstacles to grow business

Himanshu Bhatia, Founder and CEO, Rose International Inc.

The desire to have her own business was something Himanshu Bhatia felt at an early age. Between the completion of her master’s degree and her previous experience in systems analysis, design and project management, she founded Rose International Inc. in 1993 with her husband.

Those early years brought several obstacles that could have stalled the company’s growth. They had to meet compliance measures and create a company that could service a diverse client base, and these were expensive undertakings. She wanted to service across a variety of sectors, including commercial, federal and state/local government because she knew that relying on one sector was not going to further the long-term growth of the company. But each of those sectors had its own requirements and challenges, but she sought the proper training and foundational elements to service each. While this was an expensive undertaking, today Rose’s client base is diverse across these segments, which makes the company strong and able to withstand challenges.

Despite these obstacles, both of these initiatives ultimately formed the core foundation of the company, which resulted in a strong internal infrastructure that still operates today.

Bhatia also recognized a strong need for high-quality service for her customers. Her determination to outperform the competition is felt through each level of the business, and each employee strives to perform at his or her best. This is one of the two attributes Bhatia credits Rose’s success to, and the other being a practical, results-oriented approach when dealing with customers. Because she relies so heavily on high performance from employees, she also strives to reward employees by having a strict policy of promoting from within.

As the CEO looks to the future, she aims to continue the service levels she’s built and hopes to have a network of 50 offices and more than 10,000 associates.

How to reach: Rose International Inc., (636) 812-4000 or www.roseint.com