Hire in a big way

Here’s yet another way the Internet is revolutionizing business: Employee recruitment.

Development Dimensions International is offering a Web-based selection service that it says helps smaller companies apply some of the same techniques that their larger counterparts use to identify and attract top-flight talent.

“There’s an untapped market of companies with a thousand or fewer employees who are still hiring the old-fashioned way because they think professional selection resources are beyond their grasp,” says William Byham, DDI’s president and CEO.

The new DDI subsidiary, Advantage Hiring, is designed to tap that market. It offers a Web site for hiring managers, www.advantagehiring.com, where hiring managers can get free advice on selecting employees and track hiring trends.

By early next year, Advantage Hiring is expected provide a suite of Web-based applications that the company says will enable hiring managers to improve their hiring practices, reduce employee turnover rates and costs, reduce hiring costs and increase hiring quality.

The applications will shorten the decision-making process for candidates, the company says, create consistent measurable and efficient selection processes and create professional interview guides and procedures. It will also provide up-to-date information resources and training related to the practice of hiring, comprehensive reporting capabilities for continuous improvement and demonstrative return on investment and training for managers to help them “sell” their organization within the interview process.

How to reach: Advantage Hiring Inc. at www.advantagehiring.com