Hope for the weekend warrior

A new health center heals sprained spirits, as well as ankles, for local weekend athletes.

Akron General’s Health and Wellness Center recently opened its doors near Interstate 77 on Medina Road. Keogh, Bendo and Associates leases space within the center. The private psychology practice was founded in 1983 and now has a staff of 10 therapists.

Regina Obney, a professional counselor, recently joined Keogh, Bendo and specializes in sport, chemical dependency and pastoral counseling.

“As people are spiritual beings, they so often neglect developing and nurturing this component of themselves that ultimately aids in the development of decision making and positive coping skills that can be virtually applied to all facets of life,” Obney says. “I’m trying to incorporate and offer a spiritual program into it, without any particular religious ties.”

Obney has researched visual and mental imagery techniques for more than seven years.

“Psychological interventions are required with sports issues such as treating the emotional effects of athletic injury, performance anxiety, optimizing performance, preventing over training and burnout, helping athletes with eating disorders, attacking drug and alcohol abuse in sports and assisting athletes who are making the transition out of competitive sport into the business world,” Obney says.

For more information, contact Obney at (330) 665-8225.