How a multi-faceted approach helps Invacare keep the customer in focus

Gerald Blouch, President and CEO, Invacare

Gerald Blouch, President and CEO, Invacare Corp.

When it comes to customer service, the mission of Invacare Corp. is to give every customer an excellent experience every time. What helps bring that about is a team of associates passionate about the products the company manufactures and the services it offers.

Each customer service representative participates in “A Day in the Chair” program soon after initial training is completed to experience first-hand the daily challenges of a wheelchair user. As a result, the CSR gains an enhanced ability to empathize with the consumers and to understand that a wheelchair is more than just a product; it’s critical to the quality of life for the person.

That’s just a part of world-class service Invacare, under the direction of President and CEO Gerald Blouch, offers through its CSRs. By using a new workforce management tool that allows resources to be scheduled so that customers have shorter wait times to speak to an agent, callers now experience a 37 percent reduction in time on hold.

Likewise, during CSR idle time, crucial updates are deployed through webinars so CSRs can stay up-to-date on the latest practices.

Invacare focuses on five key areas to deliver exceptional customer service: being accessible to customers, keeping promises, listening to customers, swiftly and thoroughly dealing with complains, and taking the extra steps to reduce customer effort.

Numerous other motivational practices ranging from mentorships to community service help keep Invacare customers “front and center.”

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