How a new grandchild inspired the launch of Naturepedic

Barry Cik, Vice President and Technical Director, Naturepedic

A new grandparent would go to the ends of the earth to do the right thing for the first grandchild, and Barry Cik was no different. When he began searching for a suitable mattress for his first grandchild’s crib, he was startled to discover some of the materials used to make baby mattresses.

As a board-certified environmental engineer, Cik was determined to provide a safe place for the new arrival to sleep. It was a mission that presented plenty of challenges.

Cik learned that so-called “organic” mattresses contained potentially allergenic latex and were not waterproof. Anyone who has had a baby knows that this would be a big problem.

So together with his two sons, Jeffrey and Jason, Cik did more than just look for the right mattress. Cik founded a business, Naturepedic, which would strive to develop truly organic and nontoxic baby and children’s mattresses. This was all about his grandchild and his sons as Cik took the title of vice president and technical director rather than president and CEO.

Through hard work and research, Naturepedic has developed and marketed the first and only waterproof organic baby mattress. They contain no harmful chemicals and are manufactured in Northeast Ohio. Per the company’s policy, virtually all the components of the mattresses are made in the United States.

Today, they are sold in 300 retail stores and via 200 websites. More than 150 hospitals across the U.S. use them.

How to reach: Naturepedic, (800) 917-3342 or