How ABCO Fire Protection pleases by explaining why

It gives Karen Considine a great deal of comfort to know that ABCO Fire Protection Inc. is on the job to ensure that the four medical buildings she manages for Parma Hospital are in compliance with all fire regulations.

Considine has worked with ABCO on these properties for the past four years, and she says each encounter has been a pleasure. Whether it was a new fire alarm system that was needed in one building or the numerous issues that resulted in calls, needs are always addressed in a quick and seamless fashion.

This ease in dealing with ABCO stems from a philosophy that begins at the top with President and CEO Bob Titmas. The goal is to show customers why the product or service they are proposing is a good idea, rather than just tell them it is and leave it at that.

ABCO employees want customers to understand that the company always has their best interest and safety in mind.

The company’s pricing is not the lowest, but Titmas and his team believe that the value customers get from the company make it less of a factor. By focusing on that expertise, ABCO builds relationships with customers that endure.

How to reach: ABCO Fire Protection Inc., (216) 433-7200 or