How AGCO Corp. helps farmers keep the world healthy

Martin Richenhagen, Chairman, President and CEO, AGCO Corp.

Farmers play a crucial societal role — obviously, the healthier everyone eats, the better — and AGCO Corp. dedicates itself to supplying the tools to help farmers fulfill that role. Headed up by Chairman, President and CEO Martin Richenhagen, AGCO provides tractors, combines, sprayers, forage and tillage equipment, implements and hay tools, as well as machine parts, technical service support, financial solutions and practical advice for farmers.

“I deal with many clients, but AGCO is one of a kind,” says Benton J. Mathis Jr., managing partner with Freeman Mathis & Gary LLP. “If every American manufacturer did business like AGCO does with its customers, in terms of building a quality product and providing exemplary customer service, we would be in a far better economy in this country.”

In 2011, AGCO continued to refresh its equipment lines with a focus on high horsepower. In North America, the company introduced a number of high-technology tractors equipped with selective catalytic reduction engine technology. The new SCR-equipped tractors deliver improved fuel economy and cleaner exhaust for a healthier environment.

Toward the end of 2011, AGCO introduced its first self-propelled forage harvester, the Fendt Katana. The Katana is being marketed mainly to farmers already loyal to the Fendt brand, and AGCO expects that the product will open sales opportunities in the feed and silage sector and in harvesting biomass crops.

AGCO’s frequent advances in technology and design necessitate regular training updates. To address this, the company provides training to its network of independent dealers via AGCO Academy, a program offering up-to-the-minute training technology and instructor-led coursework.

The international team of employees who work for AGCO are the driving force behind the company’s success. To help meet the needs of its growing global business, in 2011, AGCO implemented a global talent acquisition process across all of its regions. Talent acquisition and development are two pillars of the company’s human resources strategy.

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