Al Reis is the model for Weltman, Weinberg & Reis employees to get involved

Allen J. Reis

Allen J. Reis, managing partner, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co. LPA

Medical Mutual 2011 Pillar Award
for Community Service — Columbus

As part of the mission of Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Co. LPA, employees maintain a strong commitment to helping communities ― those nearby and those in need around the world. And Managing Partner Allen J. Reis sees to it that employees are invited to step up to the plate.

WWR supports organizations such as the global agencies such as the March of Dimes and the United Way, and area groups including the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, YWCA Family Center, Marching Miles for Miracle Kids and Pelotonia. The company believes in the fact that we are all global citizens ― answering the call of those in distressed communities, helping others to help themselves and creating legacies of hope for future generations.

Corporatewide, WWR contributed nearly $90,000 directly to support numerous organizations last year. In addition, the company last year donated $50,000 to Pelotonia, a community of bike riders and volunteers working to support cancer research.

Reis inspires employees to get involved and make a difference. Rarely one to say no when asked for philanthropic support, he characteristically does much more than contribute financially. He lends his time, leadership and resources to a variety of charitable agencies.

For instance, as part of one local client’s meal hosting programs held by the YWCA Family Center, Reis volunteered his time and motivated other WWR employees to join in. He enjoyed the program and decided WWR should begin a similar one of its own. WWR now hosts meals every other month at the YWCA funded by employee “casual day” donations and staffed by volunteers from the local office staff.

When the Mid-Ohio Foodbank built a new facility near the firm’s Grove City office, Reis saw it as an opportunity to develop a community partnership between the food bank and WWR. Every month, 15 volunteers assist the food bank with sorting and packaging of food.

By leading by example, Reis sets himself as a model for employees through his commitment and dedication to community service, which then filters down throughout the company.

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