How Alan Kaufman leads HW Kaufman Financial Group to expansion

Alan Kaufman

Alan Jay Kaufman, chairman, president and CEO, HW Kaufman Financial Group

As a kid, Alan Kaufman wasn’t focused on playing games. Instead, he was busy chasing new business ventures.

Since he was 10, Kaufman has had the drive of an entrepreneur. When other kids opened lemonade stands in front of their homes, Kaufman set up shop at the busiest intersection he could find to beat out the competition.

Today, the chairman, president and CEO of HW Kaufman Financial Group uses that same drive to lead the insurance company to the top of the industry. The perseverance and penchant for risk he showed as a young boy still exist in adulthood. The Kaufman Financial Group was founded by Kaufman’s father in 1969 as a holding company serving general agents and brokers of specialty insurance products and has matured into an unsurpassed network of corporations today.

Kaufman has built the network through mergers and acquisitions, which have fueled the fire of his personal and professional growth throughout his career. His vision of global client service came about in 1996 when he acquired the formerly public company led by his late father.

Kaufman has seen his organization grow to nearly 1,000 employees, and with that kind of growth come challenges. He has faced those challenges by adding management talent and creating a coordinated vision of growth for the many companies within the organization.

Kaufman has built a diversified business model, with the companies within the organization performing differently during certain points in the economic insurance cycle. That, in turn, has provided growth opportunities at all times in the marketplace. Kaufman plans to continue to expand the organization into a global player through the acquisition of companies and talent, increasing market share through innovative new product development and using the latest technology and organic revenue growth, expanding its reputation as a dominant leader in the insurance industry around the world.

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