How Allen served as a test market for Cabela’s new design


Steve Andognini, General Manager, Cabela’s Allen

Cabela’s, the world’s largest direct marketer of hunting, fishing and related outdoor merchandise, considers its stores to be destinations that draw customers from a broad geographic area. So it was unusual when the company decided to open a store in Allen, Texas — just 40 miles away from a Fort Worth, Texas, location that boasts a 230,000-square-foot showroom with amenities that include a museum of animal displays, an indoor archery range and two large aquariums.

“It was kind of a tough choice to make. There are no other stores that close to each other in the company,” says Steve Andognini, general manager of Cabela’s Allen. “This store is considerably smaller than the Fort Worth store. It was a concept store for Cabela’s, less than half the size of the Fort Worth store, but with the same amount of product and the same assortment, just in a smaller design.”

Smart Business spoke with Andognini about the store and the Allen community’s response since it opened on April 14, 2011.

Why did Cabela’s decide to open a store in Allen?

We do a lot of research before going into a market. Allen had a great combination of good demographics and users of our products and our brand. We do a lot of zip code surveys and we know where customers are who are already purchasing from other stores and from our catalog, and we knew that this area would be extremely popular for our business.

What we found was that instead of the Fort Worth and Allen stores pulling business from each other, both have actually grown their business in the past year.

To what do you attribute that success?

One of the great things is that the area around Allen is thriving. We’ve been very fortunate to have some great, very loyal customers and also a great talent pool for our employees. There’s so much local pride, almost a small-town pride that’s here, and that benefits the store greatly. The local economy’s strong; the housing market hasn’t been as affected as it has been in other markets in the U.S. where there are Cabela’s stores.

How does Cabela’s differ from other outdoor equipment retailers?

Cabela’s sells fun. But the company has also stuck to the same values that Jim and Dick Cabela started it with 51 years ago. We know our customers and understand them better than any other outdoor retailer. We say it’s in our nature. From all levels of the company, from outfitters in the store to the CEO, everyone is passionate about living the outdoor lifestyle. They choose to spend their time away from work in the outdoors. That can include a variety of activities — Olympic trap shooters have worked at the store, a professional kayaker works here now — but they all do something. It all ties back to the outdoors and what we do, and we all do it because it’s fun. We’re here at Cabela’s because it’s like a toy store for us.

What are some of things that make a Cabela’s shopping experience special?

There are several hundred wildlife displays throughout the store. Everywhere you’re shopping, you’re surrounded by wildlife from all over the world in full-scale displays. In the back of the store, there are two aquariums with fresh-water fish.

There are also clinics, demonstrations and events at the store for free. When you walk in on a Saturday, you’re surrounded by activities — you can try out a product, sample food, and take part in a lot of things other retailers don’t do. Customers come here all the time on the weekend just to see what’s going on because they know they’re going to have fun.

Unique to the Allen store is a master ammunition reloading specialist, a former Marine sniper, who teaches reloading classes at the store.

Any other ways this store varies from others in the Cabela’s chain?

All the concepts of Cabela’s are still here, but in a scaled-down version because we don’t have the second floor. One thing that’s different is that instead of entire sections of the store dedicated to the wildlife displays, they are incorporated throughout the store so they are everywhere you shop. The goal with building this concept store was to somehow find a way to give the customer an experience that’s equally as exciting as that of the Fort Worth store but within a smaller environment.

Allen was built with a one-story floor plan, different lighting, fixtures and layout, which makes it a more efficient building. Going forward, all of the stores will be built more or less like Allen’s.

Would you recommend that other companies open businesses in Allen?

Absolutely. I’ve been in retail for 10 years, mostly in management positions, and this has been the friendliest, most enjoyable retail environment of the five or six markets in which I’ve worked. It’s because of the great customers in the community and the great amount of talent working here — from young people going to school to retired men and women. There’s a really diverse candidate pool with a lot of talent in this market. I can say, hands-down, that Allen’s a great place for someone to come and start a business.

Steve Andognini is general manager of Cabela’s Allen. Reach him at (214) 383-0502. Reach the Allen Economic Development Corporation at or call (972) 727-0250.

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