How Ambiance has built a culture of customer comfort at the store for lovers

Jennifer Downey, President, Ambiance, The Store for Lovers

Ambiance, the Store for Lovers, aims to promote a better love life, and thus a better relationship, for its customers. However taking steps toward that — namely buying highly intimate, and for some, embarrassing, items — can be difficult for the average consumer.

That is why President Jennifer Downey has built a company culture focused on exceptional service and attention to each customer’s desires and comfort levels. The company trains its “Romance Consultants” over four to six weeks, incorporating an extensive training guide culminating in a 22-page exam. Romance Consultants learn how to get to know customers and foster trust through Ambiance’s proven “Think Like a Customer” program.

But the company isn’t resting on its laurels. It continues to improve upon its training and customer service initiatives. The “Think Like a Customer” program, for example, was recently updated to include the “180-degree turn” approach to greeting customers as they walk into the store. By greeting the customer with a warm “Hello,” then walking by to continue working, employees ensure the customer feels acknowledged and welcomed without feeling hounded or pressed for details about their visit.

To facilitate help while still accommodating those consumers who prefer private time to shop, Ambiance has also implemented its own brand of public service announcements. These in-store messages incorporate product knowledge, inspiration and humor to educate in a lighthearted way, nonintrusive way.

To maintain associates in tip-top customer service shape, Ambiance has revamped how it tests employees’ service skills. The company did away with its decade-long secret shopper program, recognizing that the secret shoppers were too easily identified by staff while they were also unable to critique accurately since they didn’t have real needs to cater to. Instead, Ambiance is in the process of rolling out a new customer-focused assessment system.

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