How Anduro Manufacturing has changed its industry by addressing customer concerns

Marc Datelle, President and CEO, Anduro Manufacturing

Purchases in the multibillion-dollar laminated polywoven segment of the packaging industry have historically been price-driven, but Anduro Manufacturing, led by President and CEO Marc Datelle, has changed the dynamic by developing processes and systems that address key customer concerns.

Turnaround time is a good example. In the woven packaging industry, turnaround time has historically been long and unreliable — 16 weeks or more from order to delivery in most cases — because the only source for affordable biaxially oriented polypropylene packaging was from suppliers based in Asia. In 2012, Anduro completed a project to localize the process of bag production, from sourcing the raw materials to specialized printing to its own manufacturing and shipping activities, from its plant in Honduras.

The closer-to-home production has enabled Anduro to reduce turnaround time on orders from U.S. producers to a dependable 45 days or less. In the process, Anduro has made biaxially oriented polypropylene packaging more affordable, which allows producers to convert more of their products to the preferred packaging.

Between 2009 and 2011, Anduro committed more than $8 million to developing innovations and improving operations. The company’s innovations have resulted in more choices and greater flexibility for customers than any other manufacturer in its Anduro’s industry segment. New technology and processes have improved performance and output at the plant, such as reducing scrap to less than 2 percent. The comparable figure under the previous owner had been above 30 percent.

“Through my 30-plus years at the head of three Atlanta business-to-business marketing agencies, I consider Anduro Manfacturing and its executives and professional staff the most dedicated to superior customer service of the hundreds of clients I have worked with,” says Mike Shaw, owner of Shade Communications LLC in Marietta, Ga.

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