Anthony Iacovone drives innovation at Augme Technologies

Anthony Iacovone loves his job at Augme Technologies Inc., and whether he is creating new products or listening to clients’ needs, he knows how important innovation is to this fast-moving society.

As chief innovation officer at the New York-based technology company, which provides interactive multimedia marketing platforms, Iacovone understands what clients want. So he innovates based on their needs and possible needs in the upcoming months or years.

His passion for technology and innovation is key to creating new products and coming into work every day, and he also recognizes that thinking ahead is the best way to stay in the game and that innovation should never stop when it comes to mobile technology.

Smart Business spoke with Iacovone about how to innovate and find new ways to deliver a product.

What is one of your biggest challenges when it comes to innovation, research and the marketplace?

I think it is sifting through what I would call a ‘noisy marketplace.’ There are hundreds of technologies relevant to drive consumer engagement with brands. It’s taking it through what, I believe, would be practically used out in the marketplace by consumers on a large scale. That is a challenge for me in terms of what we focus on. I am bringing new ideas to the table of some of our clients that may not understand mobile to the depth that I do.

What tips can you offer other companies that are trying to innovate during this economy?

They should look forward. In the downturn of the economy, we still innovated and we still created new suites of products. We did that because there is always an emergence back into better economic times. So, my advice would be to continue to innovate the way you would typically innovate and spend that time doing so because if there is an emergence then you will be ready for that market when it comes back.

What should companies look for when they want to start innovating?

Companies need to look at what the barriers are, what the problems are and what barriers exist in the market that they are attacking. I think a lot of companies innovate just to innovate. Sometimes there’s just a concept internally, without a notion of the impact it is going to have on their client base. The best innovation is when you are solving an issue.

Companies need to look at innovating based upon the barriers that exist for their client base. They need to understand how to solve their problems for them and, in doing so, do it more efficiently than the companies that they work with that cannot do it on their own. I think you need to lead your clients by basically providing them thought equity and efficiencies that they can’t create on their own.

What else is important for leaders to know about innovation?

The best thing I can say to a company that is trying to innovate is to make sure they are protecting that innovation or intellectual property. One of the things we have prided ourselves on is filling out patents for the things we have built, which protects us from certain competition for at least a period of time. I think it is important to do so as a company, no matter what size company you are. It’s a very quick moving market when it comes to technology and others will try to approach on your space quickly.

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