How AtNetPlus ensures delivering customer service is a top priority

Jim Laber and Jim Mellon, partners, AtNetPlus

Jim Laber and Jay Mellon, partners, AtNetPlus

WCCS 2013 – AtNetPlus Inc.

Management and employees alike consider AtNetPlus Inc., first and foremost, to be a service company that also happens to provide IT solutions to its clients. Over the past several years, with the help of partners Jim Laber and Jay Mellon, AtNetPlus has deliberately shifted its training and processes to make customer service a top priority.

As the company has grown, it has recognized the need to integrate the delivery of outstanding customer service into the company culture. In 2010 it developed four service standards: attitude, communications, accuracy and efficiency. These have become a core philosophy throughout the organization.

Every employee has the service standards at their desk as a reminder that they are not just words but that they illustrate what the company believes are the critical factors that lead to customer satisfaction. They are talked about frequently by management and in everyday conversations.

Everything starts with attitude. The right attitude can change an unhappy client into one of the strongest, most vocal supporters. Clear and consistent communications are necessary to maintain a positive atmosphere. Both accuracy and efficiency are important. However, when a choice must be made, accuracy takes precedence over efficiency within AtNetPlus.

Each service standard is dependent on the preceding one. Combined, they result in happier, more loyal clients and a corporate culture in which employees feel empowered to do more for customers.

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