How Ben Biery keeps the Swiss, cheddar and provolone coming, all in Biery Cheese packages

Cascade Capital Awards 2013 –Sales Growth (tie)

Ben Biery
Biery Cheese Co. Inc.

While the basic process of making cheese hasn’t changed much over the years, innovations such as those launched by Biery Cheese Co. Inc. continue to be discovered.

Biery Cheese has been innovating from the beginning. Founded in 1929, at the start of the Great Depression, Norman F. Biery Farm was having a hard time selling milk to bottlers. The solution? The Biery family, along with a group of local Ohio dairy farmers, created a co-op in order to market their milk in the form of Swiss cheese.

Today, Biery Cheese continues to innovate by creating custom cheese blends and flavors and winning national and worldwide cheese awards.

In 2010, to create additional production space to meet current and future sales opportunities, the company committed to a large expansion of its Louisville, Ohio, plant. In conjunction with the expanded facility, Biery Cheese is committed to implementing new technology to improve and expand the business.

A new ERP system has been introduced to convert the existing product and operation management, allowing Biery Cheese to reap the benefits of real-time inventory control and tracking, as well as increased efficiency.

The company’s facilities are equipped with the latest packaging technology that allows Biery Cheese to continue innovative expansion into new products and markets. Most recently, the company launched new prepackaged cheese trays and custom arrangements for the retail market. The facilities are USDA, FDA, kosher, organic and military approved to ensure customers are receiving the highest quality products.

Ben Biery serves as CEO of the family-owned company, which is now in its fourth generation. ●

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