How BlueWave Computing keeps its customers atop the IT curve

Steve Vicinanza, CEO, BlueWave Computing LLC

As a provider of outsourced IT services, BlueWave Computing LLC regards service as the core of its mission and its key competitive advantage. The company, guided by CEO Steve Vicinanza, ensures that its service is the best available in its market segment by adhering to four concepts:

  • Hire the best staff possible to deliver the company’s services.
  • Provide the training and processes to ensure consistent service delivery.
  • Develop service metrics that allow BlueWave to continually improve the quality of its services.
  • Apply recommendations from BlueWave’s customer panel to support quality development.

BlueWave has implemented a rigorous recruiting process that focuses on connecting with college placement offices to find the top students available in its field, and then it pairs its new hires with seasoned company veterans to reinforce customer service concepts and adherence to proven processes. The company’s training program provides a focus on teaching its outstanding young engineers “The BlueWave Way” to ensure that its customers are consistently satisfied with the service they receive from the company.

BlueWave considers every one of its customers a VIP and strives to deliver top-quality service to each of them. The largest customers are assigned a technical account manager whose responsibility is to make sure that the customer’s complex IT environments are managed appropriately and effectively.

The results are self-evident. A third of BlueWave’s clients have been with the company for five years or more. And Ecolink, BlueWave’s first customer when it launched 15 years ago, has continued as a customer through three changes in corporate ownership.

“I have seen BlueWave grow from a small five-person IT shop to become one of the largest IT firms in Atlanta,” says Brandon Pelissero, Ecolink’s COO. “So many companies grow quickly but lose their ability to deliver high-quality service. I’m delighted to say that has definitely not been the case with BlueWave.”

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