How Cary T. Daniel overcame challenges in life and at Pivot Employment Platform

Cary T. Daniel, CEO, Pivot Companies, LLC

Cary T. Daniel, CEO, Pivot Companies, LLC

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Cary T. Daniel


Pivot Companies, LLC


Cary T. Daniel is used to overcoming obstacles all his life. Even as a young boy, he was endlessly teased about his first name. He learned not to take negative remarks to heart and to embrace his name’s uniqueness.

During college, he lost the sight in one eye. His self-confidence took a hit, but he was able to enter into business and become a successful entrepreneur.

Daniel is now the CEO of Pivot Companies, LLC, dba Pivot Employment Platforms. Pivot was formed in 2002 to serve entrepreneurs. Due to the “people” nature of his business, he has been involved in virtually every kind of audit, investigation and review by the INS, IRS, DOL, OSHA, EEOC and SEC. At one point in 2009, while the economy was tanking and Daniel had multiple businesses struggling, he was under 13 IRS audits at the same time.

Having been an entrepreneur in several industries, Daniel noticed a common thread among growing businesses — the tendency of the owner to drift into non-core tasks as the company became larger. With his experience in the employment services industry, it gave Daniel a unique perspective and an opportunity to provide a solution to that problem.

He reasoned that many entrepreneurs start a venture due to their passion for a service, product or industry, but as that business grows, many find themselves straying from their passion and venturing into non-core functions such as hiring, payroll, compliance and human resources. Pivot Employment Platforms’ job is to take on those non-core functions so that entrepreneurs can get back to what they do best.

The end user gains access to a Fortune 500 type HR platform — serviced by a locally owned operator for a fraction of doing it internally.

Pivot also is able to scale quickly with little overhead due to the structure of its model — a win for all parties.

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