How Cleveland Marriott East added a focus on events

Kenny Didier, General Manager, Cleveland Marriot East

Kenny Didier, General Manager, Cleveland Marriot East

Cleveland Marriott East works hard to give its guests a comfortable room to sleep in so they can be at their best when morning comes. But those guest rooms are only part of the picture at the hotel.

Space is also used regularly for business meetings, weddings, retreats, reunions, parties and a whole list of other events that need to be just as top-notch as the guest rooms. A strong effort over the past year to strengthen this part of the business took Cleveland Marriott East from ranking No. 121 out of 328 in 2011 to No. 12 out of 332 in 2012 for its event services. It ranked the percentage of times a hotel received a 5 out of 5 ranking for an event.

The effort begins with bolstering the process in place to set up events, including the showing of space and discussion of details pertinent to the event the client is looking to hold. At the event itself, employees are made aware of what is happening and greet event guests as they arrive, adding a personal touch that helps everything off to a great start. The effort led by Kenny Didier, Cleveland Marriott East’s general manager, is already paying dividends.

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