How Collection Auto Group goes the extra mile for customer service

Bernie Moreno, President, Collection Auto Group

Collection Auto Group has made a name for itself throughout the region by sweating the details when it comes to customer service. Starting with President Bernie Moreno and continuing to every employee in Collection’s organization, there is a universal emphasis on doing the little things right.

Collection’s staff goes the extra mile by picking up and dropping off vehicles that are scheduled for service, saving customers the drive to the dealer. Vehicles are washed before they are returned to the customer, and no interaction ends until every question the customer has is sufficiently answered.

At Collection Auto Group, services are not mere transactions. They are opportunities to educate customers on the needs of their vehicle and the array of services available to them. It’s an approach that builds relationships, as opposed to merely carrying out transactions, which helps to build trust and keep Collection customers loyal to the brand.

All employees at Collection are clear on the importance of the group’s customers. The company’s business strategy has been designed around the customer experience, and trickles down to all areas of the company, which is critical, since every employee at Collection plays a vital role in the customer experience — whether they work in sales, service or management.

Collection’s staff realizes it’s not always in preventing problems for customers — since some problems are going to arise no matter how hard you work to prevent them — but in how you react when a problem does arise. The staff at Collection assures customers that, whatever issue they might have, it is addressed and resolved quickly. While the problem is resolved, Collection takes steps to ensure the customer experiences minimal inconvenience. Ultimately, no matter what happens or what brings a customer to one of Collection’s facilities, the company wants to make sure the customer is taken care of.

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