How Connectivity enables its customers to focus on their core business

Greg Jacobs, President and CEO, Connectivity Wireless Solutions

Connectivity Wireless Solutions was founded in 2008 by wireless and utility industry veterans who had gained their experience working with complex customers for many years. This broad-based experience has catalyzed the wireless telecommunications provider’s customer-service culture.

Led by President and CEO Greg Jacobs, Connectivity delivers best-in-class consulting, engineering, project management, installation and staffing services to wireless carriers and enterprise customers. The company offers a full turnkey solution and manages the entire process, allowing customers to focus on their core business.

Since its formation four years ago, Connectivity has grown explosively. The company now has more than 100 team members and has reaped strong financial growth as a result of a leadership edict that “Customer service is everything, and everything we do is customer service.”

Connectivity’s leaders believe that if the company delivers the best customer experience in the industry, price will not be as influential a factor. Customers make purchase decisions on complex wireless systems with project life cycles that last from six to 18 months, and they expect their experience to be perfect.

The key word is “experience” because team members look at every interaction during the project life cycle as part of a customer’s experience. Every touch point is important. Whether it is Connectivity’s website, proposal documentation, an email exchange between the customer and a Connectivity construction manager or a conversation with a member one of Connectivity’s field teams, if the customer is satisfied with the interaction, repeat business and new business will follow.

“Connectivity’s team did wonderful work completing the recent installation of Sprint CDMA and iDEN antennas in three of our campus buildings,” says David Vessey, director of information technology with Hospice of the Comforter in Altamonte Springs, Fla. “They could not have been more accommodating and always strived to make everything about the installation as aesthetically pleasing as they could.”

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