How Crystal Morris is playing to customer’s needs at Gator Cases Inc.

Crystal Morris, President, Gator Cases Inc.

Crystal Morris, President, Gator Cases Inc.

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Crystal Morris
Gator Cases Inc.

Crystal Morris, president of Gator Cases Inc., embodies the essence of entrepreneurship, innovation and social responsibility. Morris traces her successful career with Gator Cases to her passion for the company, the employees she is responsible for and the music industry as a whole.

Gator Cases was started with the goal of serving the music industry by selling different types of instrumentation and instrument cases. Dealers did not have one source for all their needs so Gator Cases became that one source. With innovation into new product segments and diversification to a global customer base, Gator Cases has grown to a multi-million dollar corporation.

Morris leads Gator Cases by example. She is positive, knowledgeable of Gator Cases’ products, and is a hard worker. She does not hesitate to roll up her sleeves to get the job done. In the earlier days, when her father became ill, she had to take over the sales side of the business. This was difficult since the music industry is male-dominated.

At first, no one took her seriously because she didn’t take the old-fashioned fast-talking sales approach. Instead, she sells through demonstrating her product knowledge and finding out how to solve the target customer’s problems. She identifies what her customer’s purpose is in the market and in turn, she finds ways where doing business with Gator Cases could improve their business.

Based on their unique business model of innovation and convenience to the music customer, there is no one equal competitor to Gator Cases. The closest competitors are only competing for business in each independent line of Gator Cases. Because the company services several markets, it can bundle value to address the various needs of its clients.

The future is bright for Gator Cases and under the leadership of Morris, success is sure to continue. Future expansion includes new and exciting innovative products and manufacturing processes in the U.S.

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