How Dallas Steiner led Venture Products to a global presence with a stump grinder

Cascade Capital Awards 2013 — Sales Growth (tie)

Dallas Steiner
Venture Products Inc. 

When blight struck Japan, it left thousands of dead pine trees all over the country. While removing the tree limbs and trunks was a fairly routine procedure, a number of stumps were on steep or uneven terrain, making them difficult to remove. That’s when Venture Products Inc. stepped in with its compact tractors and commercial grade attachments.

Since Ventrac tractors have the ability to operate on 30-degree slopes with a stump grinder attachment, it made easy work of removing the tree stumps other machines weren’t able to reach.

Ventrac was finally able to gain traction in a market that had been a tough nut to crack — with competition from Kubota, Shibaura, Iseki, Yanmar and Baroness.

Today, more than 75 percent of all Ventrac power units exported to Japan are sold with a stump grinder attachment. Since that time, additional market opportunities such as slope mowing have increased in Japan. The company’s products are also now distributed in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, thanks to the foothold achieved in Japan.

Today, in addition to the Asian markets, Venture Products exports to more than 20 countries including Sweden, Australia and Canada.

Led by Dallas Steiner, CEO and president, Venture Products is driven by its passion for quality products and its vision to be a strong contributor in the global market. It has seen consistent growth in annual revenue since 2009 of 93 percent. ●

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