How Daniel Reed and UnitedLex Corp. are breathing life into a stodgy legal industry

Daniel Reed, CEO, UnitedLex Corp.

Daniel Reed, CEO, UnitedLex Corp.

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Daniel Reed


UnitedLex Corp.


For Daniel Reed and UnitedLex Corp., the root of excellence is passion. Cultivating passion and creating highly motivated, accountable and committed professionals is the secret of UnitedLex Corp., and the reason the company has driven transformation within the global legal profession.

Daniel Reed is CEO of UnitedLex and an innovator who is changing a legal industry that has historically been slow adapters of technology.

Recognizing a new opportunity to change the legal profession by leveraging technology and process improvements, Reed co-founded UnitedLex, a consulting, technology and outsourcing provider of legal services in 2006. The company’s lightning bolt moment came after several collaborative discussions with the leadership team of Hewlett Packard, which became UnitedLex’s first client, and recognition of gaps in the global legal system.

The mission that emerged was to transform the global legal industry by providing a single point of knowledge and capability in those support areas most critical to law firms and law departments in becoming efficient business operations. The biggest obstacle for Reed was that no one had ever executed such a strategy before.

Rather than adopt a law firm or BPO model for the delivery of legal support services in the areas of litigation, intellectual property, contracts and immigration, UnitedLex created a model that has a management consultancy front end, a technology development and integration enablement group and a centralized resource outsourcing engine for delivery execution. Within five months of starting, UnitedLex was providing legal services to IBM, Microsoft and Marriott Hotels in addition to HP.

By maintaining focus on current business lines, UnitedLex expects to continue to see significant growth in the future. The company is in a position to grow without cash constraints, and given the receptivity and strong demand of an international client base, UnitedLex will continue to invest in areas of core differentiation.

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