How Dilip Bhargava drives The SDB Group with his motivation and work ethic

Dilip Bhargava

Dilip Bhargava, president and CEO, The SDB Group

Arriving in the United States from India in 1973 to pursue his master’s in engineering degree, Dilip Bhargava persevered through cultural adversity and quickly adjusted to his surroundings. His success to a large degree was due to his core values of a hard-work ethic, financial management skills, energetic leadership capabilities, respect for others, and the ability to assess and overcome difficult situations.

Bhargava founded and served as CEO and president of SAW Pipes USA, a Houston-based manufacturer of large diameter submerged arc-welded long seam pipes. That experience led him to focus on other areas of the steel industry, and in 2000, he founded  SDB Group in 2000. The transition was a challenging one, as Bhargava had to find a solid client base while supplying customers with the best possible materials at competitive prices. By using several high quality pipe mills from around the world and delivering customized solutions to meet client requirements, Bhargava, president and CEO of the company, has positioned The SDB Group as one of the most identifiable companies in the industry, built on credibility, respect, business values, ethics and complete transparency in all transactions.

The company was founded on the principles of giving the customer complete priority and to continually devise newer and more efficient methods to satisfy their product requirements by being innovative and dynamic. Quality and service are the main concerns, and the company makes sure that its customers get only the best by incorporating extensive long-term forward vertical integration to enhance and develop SDB to break away from the average and become elite.

With a passion for education, Bhargava encourages employees to enhance themselves with additional training. This passion is closely related to his involvement in social and cultural organizations, ranging from those supporting Indian cultural heritage to the Pasadena police officers’ union.

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