How Donald Greenberg built eGenio to enhance learning

Donald Greenberg, President and COO, eGenio Education Solutions

President and COO Donald Greenberg co-founded eGenio Education Solutions in 2009 to create a product that would revolutionize the classroom experience. It’s a feat his company has accomplished with the Integrated Learning Environment, a cloud-based, subscription platform that engages students, empowers teachers and involves parents by facilitating the integration of resources in one central location.
The K12 learning-management system — which can be accessed anywhere, anytime — combines tools for curriculum and lesson creation, classroom management and social collaboration. It has a resource center with embedded content, as well as an innovative content search and save tool that enables searches across various content resources of all media types.
These tools allow users of the Integrated Learning Environment to access classroom announcements, activities, assignments, conversation threads and school district e-mail through their own personalized pages. Educators can provide multimedia rich assignments to engage students and enhance their skill sets, while individualizing learning plans for groups of students or a single student based on student learning levels and style. Teachers can also easily monitor, track and report on student progress.
Because the eGenio platform is a vendor-hosted, cloud-based system, school districts avoid additional data storage costs. Affordability means districts can easily take advantage of the tools eGenio provides, allowing teachers to capitalize on educational tools and improve learning outcomes for students.
By helping teachers meet state and national education standards, as well as helping challenge students to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, Greenberg and eGenio Education Solutions are innovatively meeting 21st century challenges in teaching and learning to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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