How Emergency Medicine Physicians puts the focus on empathy for its patients


Dr. Dominic Bagnoli, Chairman and CEO, Emergency Medical Physicians

People go to the emergency room because they have an immediate health issue — and they want it taken care of right away. But for Emergency Medical Physicians, quick and competent is not good enough.

The organization, led by Chairman and CEO Dr. Dominic J. Bagnoli, is dedicated to the service of patients and hospital partners, and it is easy to understand why. With “servant’s heart” and “owner’s mind” among the core values of EMP, those values define how the organization interacts with patients, hospital partners and its physicians.

Providing exceptional, cost-effective care with compassion and respect to patients motivates decisions within the medical group. The group makes a commitment that its hospital partners will also see a servant’s heart in the way EMP serves every day.

Emergency medicine physicians who had a dream to provide the best in emergency care for patients while creating an environment where physicians can excel founded EMP in 1992.

“We are committed to treating and serving each of our patients, not only with the medical expertise required but, perhaps more importantly, with the empathy that they deserve,” Bagnoli says.

EMP Emergency Medicine Physicians is a privately owned and managed group with more than 800 physicians treating nearly 3 million patients in 60 emergency room locations.

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