How EmployeeScreenIQ gives customers peace of mind

Jason Morris, President and COO, EmployeeScreenIQ

Customer services is at the very heart of EmployeeScreenIQ’s business. The company is an industry leading global pre-employment screening firm providing clients with the information they need to make proper hiring decisions through the use of background checks.

With client assistance and protection at the core of their business, EmployeeScreeIQ’s team of managers and associates — led by President and COO Jason Morris — have had a great deal of practice in providing great customer service.

The company makes every effort to create an enjoyable user experience for customers, and their efforts have been well-received by clients, who have provided positive feedback on the company’s performance. The team at EmployeeScreenIQ builds trust among customers by offering simple and flexible screening options customized to meet a client’s needs.

The company can create customized packages by position or preload reference codes so invoicing can be tailored to customer specifications, and the team can format the company’s internal processes to best meet a client’s requirements, both on a daily and long-term basis. In addition, the company’s leadership uses responses from annual surveys and account reviews to help shape future strategies.

EmployeeScreenIQ’s approach to personalized service is a market separator for the company in what has become a highly regulated and complicated industry. The company’s representatives realize that a personal touch is often the difference between a one-time transaction and a long-standing customer relationship. With that in mind, EmployeeScreenIQ’s representatives will often contact clients for casual, conversational check-ins. The company’s philosophy is to engage customers and build familiarity and loyalty whenever possible.

The company’s leadership believes its customer service philosophy has to center on the word “trust.” With trust as a pillar of the customer-company relationship, the relationship develops into a partnership that can last for years and decades.

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