How Event Source exceeds customer expectations with speedy response times

John Bibbo Jr., President, Event Source

When an out-of-state chef wanted a specific bowl for his culinary presentation, he was dismayed to find that no event rental company in the area could provide it on short notice. Other companies weren’t willing to be put out just to supply a single bowl and no promise of subsequent business. But after Event Source received a call requesting the item from its inventory, the company wasn’t so quick to dismiss the opportunity.

Even though the single item order wasn’t exactly a fit for the business and the request was six hours outside its service area. But by keeping the door open and promptly responding to the request, Event Source ended up securing a $20,000 order for the event and a long-term client to boot.

As a party equipment rental company, Event Source can’t afford not to be reactive to its customer needs. In the fast-changing industry, every detail can make or break the success of an event. The nature of the business rests on immediate response time and the ability to anticipate a client’s needs at any given moment. The family-owned company, led by President John Bibbo Jr., is only able to achieve this level of execution by making every customer the center of attention — there is no request too small to handle.  

With an inventory of 2,900 different products, in 645,000 variations, the company provides comprehensive employee training on product recognition and operations to ensure every member of its team can give a speedy response to any customer request. New team members attend training at Event Source University as well as ongoing training and bi-monthly sales meetings to learn the subtle differences in products, seasonal trends and industry news affecting their customers. By listening closely to each customer’s preferences, interests and life milestones, the company can proactively help customers execute their vision for an event.

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