How Faber-Castell stands not only for longevity but for quality as well

Jamie Gallagher, CEO, Faber-Castell

Jamie Gallagher, CEO, Faber-Castell USA

At Faber-Castell, one of the company mottos is, “Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” Founded in 1761 by a cabinetmaker, the firm is one of the world’s oldest industrial companies — and that motto and its longevity show that the organization stands for a consistent delivery of a quality experience in all areas of business.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Faber-Castell USA offers a wide range of creative and writing products for all ages. It is part of the Faber-Castell family of companies founded in Stein, Germany.

The motto above is a motivational driving force within the entire company, which is led by CEO Jamie Gallagher. By following through on the smallest details, Faber-Castell believes this characteristic sets the company apart from the competition. Employees know that even the smallest personal gesture can make a huge impact.

And when small gestures are considered, they may be the deciding factor in a customer’s decision to continue purchasing or seeking out Faber-Castell brands in the future, regardless of price.

Highly trained, dedicated and motivated employees are vital to the company’s success. Employees are rewarded with a yearly product allowance and discount so that they, their friends and family can purchase Faber-Castell products and, in effect, become “brand ambassadors,” spreading the word on “doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

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