How Faber-Castell USA turns small gestures into huge customer impacts

Jamie Gallagher, CEO, Faber-Castell USA Inc.

When a company celebrates its 250-year anniversary that means you have done something right by way of customer service. In 2011, Faber-Castell USA Inc. celebrated 250 years.

Faber-Castell USA, a maker of creative and writing products, manufactures many quality items, but it has been its customer service philosophy that has allowed for the company’s longevity and success. CEO Jamie Gallagher knows that people are important to the company, and he often will personally reach out to customers to let them know their voice is being heard.

Gallagher and his team at Faber-Castell know how important the customer service experience is to a company since they too have firsthand experience being consumers. Customer service plays a big role in the perception of and loyalty to a company and its brands. One of Faber-Castell’s mottos is, “Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well,” and is a motivational driving force within the organization.

In today’s business environment more and more system automation can become the standard. Responses become generic and human contact is limited leaving customers in the dark not knowing if anyone really cares. This often results in customers coming out of the experience more frustrated than when they went in.

Faber-Castell has found ways to extend the exact opposite to its customers and does everything it can to add the extra gestures that make a huge impact. The company stands behind all of its products, from a $5.99 craft kit to a $4,000 limited edition pen. Customers will get a one-on-one experience and VIP treatment whenever they contact the company.

From customer service calls to helping repair a product, Faber-Castell aims to leave every customer happier than they were before and for 250 years that philosophy has worked as well as the writing utensils customers use to write their thank you letters.

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