How Family Heritage Life Insurance Co. makes life easier for its customers

Howard Lewis, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Family Heritage Life Insurance Co.

When a policyholder calls Family Heritage Life Insurance Co. about a claim, the company’s employees know that the person on the phone is probably going through a tough time. As a provider of insurance policies for catastrophic illness, accidents and fatalities, the company deals with customers every day who are overcoming personal obstacles, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a serious accident or relative that’s been diagnosed with cancer. Sifting through policy questions and concerns is one more added stress. Now more than ever is the chance to make that customer’s life easier.

Family Heritage’s founder, chairman and CEO, Howard Lewis, has worked hard to make sure his company defies the cliché of the big, impersonal insurance company that is more concerned with its sales than customer needs. Recognizing the stress the company’s customers are dealing with, he and the company’s management team take a much different view of customer relationships, one where “above and beyond” service is the norm.

At Family Heritage, treating customers like family is a company standard, which is why customer service is one the five pillars of the company’s corporate culture. In the hiring process, every claims department employee is carefully selected based not just on skill set but also personality and attitude. With two sets of customers — policyholders and independent agents —  it’s even more important that all team members be equipped with both a friendly attitude and customer service skills to keep the claims process easy and efficient.

By extending employee training beyond just basic job knowledge and skills, Family Heritage has developed a culture where employees genuinely empathize with customer needs. Representatives are provided with ongoing opportunities to put a face on policyholders and learn about their unique challenges, whether it’s taking classes in stress management or shadowing a sales agent to see how policy sales work.

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