How Firestone Country Club wows its members and guests

Mark Gore, General Manager, Firestone Country Club

At Firestone Country Club, members pay the premium of a private club membership in lieu of golfing and dining in public facilities because they value personalized customer service. The club, led by General Manager Mark Gore, strives to maintain the utmost in customer service, because if it doesn’t, people won’t perceive the value of their membership.

For this reason, Firestone Country Club regularly evaluates how it can improve its members’ experience of the club. The organization’s leaders believe that continuous improvement will keep the club at the forefront of customer service.

Firestone Country Club regards every person that walks through its doors, whether member or guest, as a VIP. staffers aim to impress everyone with their personalized service and attention to detail, including the club’s three steps of service:

–          Warm welcomes: Recognizing all members and guests by name.

–          Magic moments: Random acts of kindness and the resolve to make people’s day.

–          Fond farewells: Leaving a lasting impression and extending a warm invitation to return.

Each of Firestone Country Club’s front-line employees must pass a select test that ensures that they have the personality, work ethic, and “servant’s heart” necessary to work and excel in the private club industry. The employee’s attitude is key, so the club hires only people who demonstrate a positive attitude and an outgoing personality.

Firestone Country Club encourages employees to provide first-class customer service by recognizing them when a member or guest compliments them or when another employee notices them giving exemplary service. The club’s STAR Recognition Program enables employees to earn rewards via a point system. When employees receive rewards under this program, it underlines for them the importance of the service culture that Firestone Country Club strives to maintain.

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