How Foundation Software grew in size but didn’t lose touch with its clients


Fred Ode, Chairman and CEO, Foundation Software

Fred Ode, Chairman and CEO, Foundation Software

Fred Ode launched Foundation Software in 1985 with the purpose of building a company that would be a dominant force in the construction accounting software industry — and that offered customer-friendly solutions. Each client was his own responsibility and Ode, chairman and CEO, went the extra mile to supply the client with exceptional service and attention.

The company grew, and that meant adding more employees. Ode made it his priority to bring people into Foundation Software who shared his goals and desires to provide world-class customer care.

Today, the company has nearly 4,000 clients across all the United States and goes out of its way to monitor and deliver the best customer support possible. Foundation Software makes each client feel like its No. 1 priority.

Many sales result from referrals from current clients or CPAs familiar with Foundation Software. A satisfied client is happy to tell any contractor using Foundation for Windows about the company’s service and support. Clients not only get a sophisticated yet easy-to-use accounting program but a team of experts with considerable industry and accounting knowledge.

With the system formula of sales, welcome, implementation/training and ongoing support and education, Foundation has refined its processes over the years to deliver whatever it takes to ensure the best customer service it can give.

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