How Great Lakes Integrated puts all pieces of the puzzle together with class

Jim Schultz

Jim Schultz, chairman and CEO, Great Lakes Integrated

While “going the extra mile” is a phrase often used to describe top customer service, to Great Lakes Integrated, it means all that ― and adding an extra full-time employee to make sure the job gets done right.

A major customer in Texas was looking to consolidate its print, fulfillment and distribution facilities. Great Lakes Integrated showed how it could bring potential savings. The company was concerned about the distance between the two firms, however.

To overcome the challenge, Great Lakes Integrated hired an employee to work on site to coordinate the work flow between the home and remote offices. The result was an impeccable experience that exceeded all expectations and the confidence that this type of partnership could handle the job demands with seamless, consistent effort from start to finish.

Jim Schultz, chairman and CEO, knows that such customer service does not happen by luck. Rather, it is learned through daily interactions among peers and through an example set by management. It starts with a thorough screening of job applicants, including behavioral interviews. All through the process, efforts are made to find potential employees whose beliefs complement the customer service philosophy.

The company has developed a number of systems to help build and provide world-class services ― from standard operating procedures on client interaction to quality delivery standards for products. For large-scale commercial print runs, customers are encouraged to monitor quality at the printing press in an executive suite complete with WiFi and TV.

Now in its 80th year, Great Lakes Integrated was built on the belief that excellent craftsmanship coupled with exceptional customer service would create a company heads above others in the communications industry. Many staff members have been with the company for 10 or more years, which translates to higher levels of service and a profound understanding of customer needs.

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