How Hyatt Legal Plans motivates employees to provide unmatched customer service

William Brooks

William Brooks, CEO, Hyatt Legal Plans

More than 6.5 million people nationwide get their benefits programs through Hyatt Legal Plans, and that’s not by accident. From the company’s inception, Hyatt Legal Plans has built the business by focusing on quality service. In fact, “Quality Service Always” is the mission statement of the company’s client service center.

It’s not the mission statement that CEO William Brooks is proud of. It’s the way his employees constantly follow through and even go above and beyond that mission statement. The service provided by Hyatt Legal Plans starts from the first phone call to their call center. Employees at Hyatt strive to provide service that ensures callers of their coverage plan, explains how their plan can benefit them and sets their minds at ease about the plan they are initiating.

To do those things, Hyatt Legal Plans hires only the best people to answer the phones. Only friendly, caring, compassionate people answer calls because they feel the call center is the showcase of the organization and the difference between them and the competition.

The biggest difference between Hyatt and the competition is that clients will always reach a client service representative when calling, typically within three seconds. Hyatt staffs for peak volumes of calls and ensures a live person will answer.

To further distinguish themselves in a highly competitive market, they focus not only on hiring the best people but providing an environment that encourages employees to stay. Hyatt has a program called Bravo awards. The program rewards customer service skills for client service representatives on a monthly and annual basis.

Employees earn Bravo cards for providing great service and for meeting monthly performance goals. Each month the people with Bravo cards and the top performers are rewarded with special prizes.

Hyatt views this program as an integral part of its strategy of focusing on quality issues and exceptional customer service.

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