How Hyatt Legal Plans stays ready for any problem

William Brooks, CEO, Hyatt Legal Plans

It can happen in an instant. An employee is sitting at their desk and a call comes in from a frustrated customer. This customer begins talking about a very complicated and difficult situation that needs to be resolved right away.

Suddenly, this employee is faced with trying to process the words of an emotional customer on the fly in hopes of developing a solution that will meet their needs. If the employee isn’t trained the right way, the company’s got a big problem.

Fortunately for CEO William Brooks and his team at Hyatt Legal Plans, the training of customer service representatives is a constant aspect of firm operations. And that led to a 96.7 percent client satisfaction rate for the firm’s call center, according to a 2011 customer survey.

CSRs are trained to be able to handle virtually any situation they might encounter. They are trained on “red flags,” words that when spoken indicate a certain type of problem. When Hyatt is looking to hire customer service representatives, personality is a major factor as the firm needs people who have a pleasant demeanor and won’t lose their cool in what can be an emotional situation.

The conversations that take place between CSR and customer are constantly reviewed and studied for ways to improve the service. The goal is to be proactive and to find as many solutions as possible before they are even found to be a problem.

When employees do provide great service to customers, they are recognized for it. There is a level of pride that comes with helping customers and it’s a feeling that permeates every level of Hyatt Legal Plans.

If there is a means to make it better, every effort will be made to do it. It’s not the satisfaction of the firm that matters most. It’s the customer.

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